The Small Hidden Gems Found in County Donegal

When it comes to finding the perfect place to experience some of Ireland’s most scenic and captivating views then County Donegal is a good place to visit. This county boasts scenery for stretches upon stretches as well as beaches with clear water and smooth beach sand. With all the small hidden treasures to explore County Donegal ensures it impresses. From streets packed with art to local restaurants serving up not just delicious food but a vibe for relaxing and chilling out.

Driving Parallel To The Edge

One of the pride of Count Donegal is located 10 minutes drive from the town Dunfanaghy. Horn Head which is perfectly located on the Wild Atlantic Way will leave you searching for air and struggling to catch it. The views from the drive along this stunning cliff are simply to die for and something to marvel over. The view at the very top is something nature enthusiasts will be unable to ignore. This hidden treasure is also the home to some of the most awe-inspiring sunsets Ireland has on offer. If you appreciate viewing the sunset on the backdrop of some captivating views then ensure to time your trip to make it just as the oranges and deep reds start to paint the sky.

A Stroll at Murder Hole Beach

The name of this beach may throw some visitors off, however, fear not this spacious wonderland of a beach is as far from a bloody nightmare as it can get. Located just 10 minutes outside of Downings, Murder Hole Beach is a rather hidden and secluded beach that may rank in some of the best you’ve ever laid eyes on. To arrive in this glorious location you need to take a drive along the Wild Atlantic Way. This path will lead you to a dead end, then from there, you’ll have to trek your way through two open fields. A climb to the gap between the two little hills.