The Most Magnificent Beaches Visitors Must Visit In Ireland

Ireland is known for its glorious mountains, its steep roads that cascade on the backs of some of the most beautiful cliffs and panoramic scenic views that thread throughout every town you find yourself in. However, Ireland is also known for its beaches, which tend to be filled with ocean side rocks, clear and smooth beach sand and sea water that is as clear blue as the sky on a cloudless day. One of the best qualities of Irish beaches is the fact that they are surrounded by mountains and sometimes are even engulfed between them. Below are some of the best beaches in Ireland.

Keem Beach in County Mayo

All those who find themselves in the village of Dooagh tend to find themselves completely at a loss for words. This is owed to the beauty of Achill Island’s Keem Bay which is located in County Mayo. This town is perfectly sheltered in the horseshoe-shaped valleys of Keem Bay, where visitors can randevouz around Keem Beach which is completely engulfed by awe-inducing cliffs. This glorious beach is only accessible on Croaghaun mountain road. This is one of County Mayo’s most scenic routes and features a large number of seaside cliffs with rocky shores.

Dog’s Bay and Gurteen Bay

This is probably one of the most unique beaches in all of Ireland. The two gorgeous looking white sand crescents are almost perfect mirror images of one another from a bird’s eye view. The only thing that separates the two is a couple hundred meters of luscious green land. From above this marvel may not even closely resemble a beach as some have confessed believing it to look like a small island. For those who are enthusiasts of collecting ocean side memorabilia than the beach and can be considered a hidden treasure of sea shells from various sea creatures as well as beautiful beach stones and rocks.

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