The Most Beautiful Places To View A Sunset In Ireland

There is no denying that when it comes to ideal spots to view the sunset, Ireland has no shortage. Known for its glorious mountain paths and dazzling cliffs, Ireland has some of the best places to witness the beauty of a sunset, whether in Winter or Summer. With skies as clear as day, Ireland boasts the best atmosphere to host the perfect sunset experience. This allows visitors to see the sun setting or rising in all of its glory. There are even some places perfectly crafted with benches and facilities to accommodate those looking to busk in the views.

The Liffey Located in Dublin

The Liffey may come across as a bit of an odd choice for sunset viewing, however, this beautiful place offers one of the best sunset viewing experience Ireland has to offer. The square which happens to be surrounded by various bridges is located over a bank of water in Dublin’s city centre allows spectators of the sunsets to see the reflection of all the surrounding building on the water. The water not only captures the reflection of the buildings which boast historic architectural aesthetics but also all the sun rays and all the colour mix of the sunset. Visitors can view the sunset from the rooftops of the building or choose one of the beautiful bridges available.

Sitting in Lough Rynn Leitrim

Surrounded by acres of beautiful majestic trees and plants, Lough Rynn, also known as Rinn Lough is encircled by a freshwater lake. The best quality about Lough Rynn is the fact that it is quite quiet and secluded which means you may even find yourself being the only observer of the magnificent sunset on display here. The water also allows for a variation in your sunset viewing experience, especially on a windy day, when the wind causes small ripples that distort the sun rays reflection into wavy patterns.