The 2018 Dublin Gay Pride Parade Went Off Without Hitches

It is hard to believe that the first Gay Pride Parade took place more than two decades ago with only about 200 participants. Since that time in the 80s support for gay rights have since risen and more and more. People straight, bi-sexual and gay come out in droves to support this initiative. The biggest celebration of gay rights and love is the annual Pride Parade which is hosted all over the globe, including in Ireland. This year the event was hosted in Dublin and saw thousands of event goers flood the street in colourful and extravagantly expressive attires and costumes.

The Kind Of Colourful Love

The colours of the Pride Parade have always been represented by most of the colours of the rainbow namely red which represented life, yellow for light, orange for healing as well as pink for sexuality. The Pride flag has since become a symbol for gay rights and the spirit of an all love message. This year, like in past parades the flag was at the heart of the Dublin parade. Where not only were flags flying high and proud but so too were people covered in head to toe with all the pride colours. Some parade-goers were simply there to shine a light on love across all lines, which include gender and race.

The Numbers Were Pretty Insane

In last year’s Gay Pride Parade more than 30,000 individuals took part in the parade with organizers estimating that this year the number of attendees was almost double. The parade has become somewhat of a cult tradition in Ireland, and goers enjoy themselves and also tend to engage those who come across their path. In fact, Pride is so big in Ireland that it only holds a candle to the National St Patrick’s festival. The festival this year even warrants more attention after the Irish government formally apologised to the people convicted under old Irish laws.