Start Your Day Off With Coffee And A Side of Spectacular

Ireland has developed a coffee culture that is growing at such a rate that it is bordering on becoming a trend. With Dublin hosting more than 51 Starbucks since the first one opened its doors in 2005, the trend seems out of control. While drinking coffee at a world famous franchise may be appealing to some, enjoying a cup of java somewhere out of the ordinary is a little more adventurous. According to Today FM radio listeners Moher Cottage in Liscannor, County Clare has simply the best coffee on offer and with spectacular views to enjoy while you sip your steamy cup, there simply was no other option.

The Latter Three Fight It Out

The Islanders Rest, Sherkin Island, Cork can be found off the beaten path in a town with a population of a mere 120. Life here is simple and the experience spectacular. Enjoy a cup of joe while you gaze out at the beautiful views, only the sun above and the ferry sounding in the background. Bayview Hotel, Ballycotton, Cork is situated along a vast coastline that provides spectacular seascape views with Ballycotton Lighthouse as a focal point. Camden Fort Meagher, Crosshaven, Cork is located at the fort built to defend the mouth of Cork Harbour. The quaint cafe allows you to sip your coffee while you marvel at Cork Harbour that lays before you.

The Coffee Captains

The Montenotte Hotel, Montenotte, Cork and O’Sullivan’s Bar, Crookhaven, Cork are wonderful places to enjoy your coffee break. Off the popular tracks and with views that leave you breathless. Bunnyconnellans, Myrtleville, Cork is one of the only places to enjoy cliff side coffee. Coffee isn’t the only fine inclusion on the menu, the food is scrumptious too. The “cottage on the rocks” boasts spectacular horizon views and allows you to keep a watchful eye on the Cork Harbour entrance. Locals and tourists alike are like a moth to a flame with Bunnies.