Ireland is known for its good people, rich heritage, and amazing poets. Perhaps some may say it is the kiss of the Blarney Stone that keeps the words flowing, but whatever it is, it is truly producing poets with notable credentials. Ireland takes great pride in the products of the country and is eager to provide other budding poets or wordsmiths with the opportunity to develop their skills and follow their passion. Throughout the country, poetry workshops are held on a regular basis in to encourage the creative juices to flow. They are keenly attended by the young and old as they follow their dreams to the stars.

Poetry Workshops That Inspire

While becoming a poet does require a fair amount of skill and a way with words, passion is also a necessity. This, however, may not take you to the heights you wish to rise, and some form of qualification may be necessary. There are a number of societies throughout the country that provide the opportunity for rising poets to hone their skills through short courses and workshops. The Irish Writers Centre is one such organisation. For those wishing to take their writing skill to an entirely different plane, a university degree in English may be the direction they want to follow.

Famous Irish Poets

Poetry doesn’t always have to be the seriously worded masterpieces that we refer to as classics. To some people, limericks and comical ensembles are more than enough to peak their interest in pursuing such a career. Ireland has not been short on talent where poets are concerned and have produced a few historically notable ones over the years. WB Yeats and Seamus Heaney are both of Irish descent and have both won over the poetry community worldwide for their contributions to literature. Both these famous poets have been rewarded the Nobel Prize in the past, which in itself is an accomplishment to cherish.