Design, art, architecture and poetry form a very solid part of the Irish culture, tradition and rich heritage. Many a brilliant artist and expressive poet have found life from their roots firmly planted in Irish soil. While the talent is one that is most often already deep within the soul of the individual, it does take training and additional knowledge in order for full potential to be reached. There are a number of facilities all over Ireland designed to encourage and grow the talent that presents within the country. Lectures and workshops are often held and widely publicised for those who are seeking a creative outlet.

Poetry Prowess

Creative writing and poetry classes are often held by the local libraries as well as County Council Arts Officers or they will have information available for you on where you can enrol in such a class. Of course, there are a number of companies who do offer short courses in writing and poetry such as The Irish Writers’ Centre and Big Smoke Writing Factory, both located in Dublin. For those looking for a more advanced qualification, you can enrol in a poetry studies degree at the local university. With so much on offer to help budding poets grow there is simply no reason not to pursue a career in words.

Design Studies

While design studies to rely on your skills and creativity in designing and producing products of high quality and design, it also requires the exceptional use of critical thinking when applying your ideas. To qualify in the field of design most often requires you to further your studies at a university. Dublin itself is home to a world-class university that provides high-quality education and has turned out many a design student of merit. This field too requires a passion and natural flair, further studies simply hone those skills and provide you with the tools to use them in the context of a career.