The Galway International Arts Festival is a platform created for Europe’s biggest cultural acts. The event is held every July and is consistently inclusive of musicians, artists, actors, writers, performers and many artistic associations of the same breadth. The event attracts 200 000 guests each year, while city locations around Galway are revamped for the occupancy of art exhibitions, marquees, tents, while the Galway Cathedral makes way for music acts to play in. The fun goes on for two weeks and is open to art lovers, and the art community with a large number of free events to attend.

The History Behind the Festival

The Galway International Arts Festival was founded in 1987 and is one of the continents leading musical and arts events. The festival brings in an average of 200 000 patrons each year who are hosted in a 26 venue experience shared over 14 days. The aim of the festival was and is to establish itself as a multidisciplinary cultural festival incorporating art forms inclusive of music, opera, music, dance, theatre, the visual arts and more. In its more recent years, the organisation has also shared its own brand of the arts by creating theatre productions played in different European cities.

What You Can Expect To Find

The Arts Festival in Galway has a variety of venues spread across the city with endless entertainment opportunities. The city opens its local gallery doors, theatres for performances, as well outdoor music installations. The festival has over 200 shows over the 14 day period. It is no wonder then that you can take a tour of the St. Nicholas Church and get a taste of its medieval history. The Festival is also known for sharing its Aniar, and Loam Michelin-star restaurant experience for the appetite hungry not only in the arts, but in cuisine too.