The Fleadh Cheoil event was created to combat what seemed to be a movement away from Irish traditional music. The events inception aimed to see a resurgence of traditional Irish music and musicians while encouraging those who did not have a taste for it to explore its depths. The event is held every year in different parts of Ireland after an application has been made by the respective city to host the event. It is then hosted in the successful city for a 2-year consecutive reign and then the process done again with a new competition to host.

The History Behind the Festival

The first Fleadh Cheoil na’Eireann, or rather the music festival of Island, was founded in the year 1951, with the concept having begun in the January of that year. A meeting to host an event which encouraged the use of Irish traditional instruments, as well as traditional music, was had by the Piper’s Club which would be the founding organisation of the event. The first event was held in May, on Whit Sunday weekend and was compromised of traditional musicians from different parts of Ireland to take part in the music competition. This would be the first of many to come.

What You Can Expect To Find

What you can expect to find at the event are different music performers, no longer limited to the Irish from different parts of the world. The event being competitive has a series of stages one needs to pass in order to be considered for one of the winning positions. The competition has seen a growth in the number of people who attend, with a record high being a 400 000 number in Derry, 2013. Qualifying stages leading up to the event are held at different parts of the country in order to limit numbers at the day of the main event.