Dublin or Cork? Let’s Find Out

Those who live in Dublin will say their namesake and those who live in Cork will do likewise, but which city is really the fairest of them all? While Dublin is the official capital city, those living in Cork may say that that is “the real capital Buoy”. Ger Leddin takes a peek at the cultural, economic, infrastructural and sporting difference between the two cities battling it out to be the best. Ger Leddin is a travel journalist and really knows his stuff when it comes to cities and their stronger points and gives a realistic and unbiased opinion.

Infrastructure, Sport and Shopping – The Makings of a Nation

Both cities are located on estuaries of two different but equally great rivers, River Liffey and River Lee. Both are port cities who take full advantage of their access to the sea and their geographical location. The difference here is the output of the port in Dublin which exceeds that of Cork somewhat. Airports are present in both, however, that of Dublin is the larger of the two. Sport is high up on the list of importance for both cities and the fact that Dublin outdoes Cork in football is a real bone of contention, however, the hurling skill of those in Cork far overshadow those of Dublin. The shopping experience in both cities is fairly similar.

Food, Culture and Night Life – The Finer Things

While those in Dublin enjoy the dark stout Guinness, in Cork the favourite is Murphy’s. Both are equally fine and pleasant to drink. Dublin has its fair share of theatrical locations and has hosted some of the greatest theatrical performances. Cork on the other hand, while an avid supporter of theatre hasn’t quite reached its full potential. Cork pips Dublin to the post where famous heroes are concerned. Jimmy Hendricks making reference to Cork-born musician Rory Gallagher as the world’s greatest guitarist says it all.