Dine In Ireland, Be Fed Like A King

The Irish love good food, but it wasn’t always so. Times have changed since the days of lumpy mash and veg that’s drenched in water. The winning combination of some of the planet’s best farmers and the creativity of the finest chefs in the world has led Irish to become a nation that loves their food. Cork is one of the best places to test the cooking skills of the chefs and taste some of the most delectable dishes in the country. Let’s take a glance at where you should start and end your journey of discovery.

A Close Top Four To Get You Started

Jacques, Market Lane, Cafe Paradiso and Greene are all contenders for the best place to eat in Cork. Each has an atmosphere of their own and each has a menu that will have your mouth watering before the first course is served. Cafe Paradiso is the one out of the group that is primarily aimed at the vegetarian market. Chickpeas and couscous some of the favourites in the selection. Greene’s is something quite different. The perfect blend of the classic traditional favourites and modern flavours has created something completely different from the norm. The affordable prices at Greene’s ensure that you will be treated and you won’t be completely out of pocket.

Les Gourmandise Is The Place To Feast

French chic is the only way to describe the experience. There is something special about this place. They have won awards for best restaurant and best chef in Cork and they have the town buzzing with excitement. Locally sourced ingredients adorn every dish which is presented in the most artistically beautiful way. Decadent desserts, rich and full of flavour are the perfect way to end any meal. This restaurant certainly doesn’t cater to those on a limited budget, but you need to be treated to something spectacular once in a while. Forget the cost, dine in style and leave completely satisfied.

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