Francis Bacon was well-known for his emotionally charged paintwork which would earn him a reputation as one of Ireland’s best and famous painters to have lived. Bacon who had originally been an interior designer is said to have taken time in developing his artistic painting career, as he has needed to explore different subjects in order to choose one he was comfortable painting. Bacon was a believer in existentialism and aimed to portray this in a series of paintworks which showed isolated geometrical cage like shapes against bleak backgrounds. He was also known for focusing on one subject at a time.

Francis’ Early Childhood and Family Life

Francis Bacon was born to an English family in Dublin, Ireland on the 28th of October 1909. It is said he was given his name after his father’s older half-brother Francis Bacon, who had been an Elizabethan philosopher. His family moved in between Ireland and England often, which was said to bring about emotions of displacement in him and would later contribute to his art. He is said to have been quite shy in nature and would make this up in his choice of dress. His shy nature though did not take away from how well articulated he was in speech nor his artwork.

His Rise to Fame and Success

Despite Bacon’s seemingly bleak upbringing, he is heralded as one of Ireland’s famous painters, if not the best having earned himself the title of the world’s most iconic and successful contemporary artist. His first matured paintwork, Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion earned him a reputation as a post-war painter. His paintings often were lenses with an obscure view of other artists work. His most expensive works would be the Three Studies of Lucian Freud, Triptych, Study From Innocent X, and the Three Studies for a Portrait of John Edwards. These works all currently auction at millions of dollars.