Ireland is filled with a rich heritage, traditions and a history that can be traced back thousands of years. The culture of the country is one that embraces all forms of art as part of daily living. We are here to explore this world with you and open your eyes up to the treasures that Ireland has in store for you.

Allow us to provide you with valuable information and guidance on art lectures and courses happening within the country. We will provide detailed information on the location, dates, lecturers and of course what each will present as part of their format.

Discover how many famous poets and artists originated in Ireland. Learn about their journey to success and how their Irish heritage allowed them to conquer. Find out where their inspiration came from and get a sneak peek at snippets of the work they have produced.

Enjoy the journey with us as we visit museums across the country and discover artifacts that have been unearthed revealing the history of the country and its people. Find out which nations have a vested interested in Ireland and uncover the truths about the importance of religion to the people of Ireland.

Join us as we take you on an exciting trip of Irish festivals. Find out which festivals are being held, where and when and understand the reasons behind them.

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